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Journey to the Land of the Incas – Peru 2017


About Peru

Peru is located in South America, a truly breathtaking continent, with all of its wonders. South America has so many things to offer, from the towering Andes mountains, ancient civilizations, crazy tropical beaches to the rain forests, rich archeology findings and all of it is mysteries; a wonderful and magical place to visit.

One of the most interesting countries within South America is Peru where there is more mystery that meets the eye, a fascinating and eclectic land with many colonial cities who managed to maintain the heritage of the Spanish conquerors.

The Inca capital city of Cosco, the lost city of Machu Pichu and the Peruvian Andes mountains are the most beautiful places to visit in South America and are also where millions of Indians keep their way of life according to their ancient religion.

Visiting Peru is like traveling back in time to an ancient city, but on the other hand, it is much more advanced compared to other countries in the continent. Peru truly is a magnificent place to visit and explore.



Geographically, Peru is located on the western side South America. It borders with Chile in the south, Bolivia in the east, Brazil to the northeast, Colombia in the north and Ecuador in the northwest. Peru has divided into three main geophysical areas: the narrow shore, the wide Andes mountains, and the giant Amazon bay.

Traveling through Peru you will visit many varied geographic areas and extreme climates. It is one of the world’s most fascinating countries to visit.