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Summer 2017 in Bardonecchia, Italy


After following us for all these years, you have probably noted that whenever possible we try not to visit the same locations twice, so as to allow our clients to enjoy new places and fresh sights. This year, too, we chose a marvelous new vacation spot – a place we have never visited before!

Bardonecchia is an Italian town located in the Piedmont region of the Alps, right on the border of the French Savoie and Dauphiné Alps (only a few minutes to the French side of the border) and in close proximity to the Swiss border.

The hotel and its surrounding areas offer you a chance to relax on its benches among breathtaking scenery, or to enjoy extreme sports for all ages. You will find a children’s park, a rope park (Aventura) and other attractions, including regular and mountain bike trails, an endless number of hiking trails, cable cars, a wonderful horse ranch, tennis and basketball courts on the beautiful grounds of a charming little lake, not to mention a shopping center and streets full of shops.

It is no wonder, then, why the famous Italian football team “Juventus” chose this town for their main training ground, and its team members frequently stay at Hotel Rive – the hotel we chose for our guests this summer.

The town boasts lovely greenery and lots of fresh air, with level streets allowing people of all ages and stages in life to easily stroll and enjoy its ambiance. Lively, modern stores, restaurants and coffee-shops abound, even as its genuine Italian authenticity is maintained.