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A Kosher Mehadrin cruise to Europe

This year, תשע”ח , is the year of “תהא שנת עשיית חידושים”: innovations.

So Maaglei Nofesh is bringing you something totally new.

A Kosher Mehadrin cruise to Europe, and maybe the best ever.

Here’s what sets our cruise apart.

  1. We’ve gained access to one the most luxurious vessels in the world.

  2. The itinerary is packed. You’ll visit at least four countries (Italy, Malta, Spain and France).

  3. Impeccable quality and dedication to the highest standards of Halacha.

Every facet of this experience is on another level:

⚓ Accommodations

⚓ Food

⚓ Activities

⚓ Tours

⚓ Halachic Observance

As you saw in the video, our ship is like a small city. It’s home to a mall, bowling, pools, sports facilities, a children's club and countless attractions. Eight days is not long enough to see it all.

Regarding the culinary experience: Only Michelin-starred food is allowed on the ship and the food is prepared under Mehadrin supervision in a private kitchen and new equipment.

We will also have a Beit Knesset and a Sefer Torah.

The weather throughout the trip is expected to range from 16 to 24 degrees celsius, and it’s a great time to travel: not too hot, not too cold.

There are a variety of rooms for you to choose from, scaling from internal rooms all the way up to 5 star suites with extra-distinct accommodations. Your options include:

🛳 Sea view rooms

🛳 Sea view rooms with a balcony

🛳 Suites

🛳 Luxury villas



MSC Meraviglia



And an INCREDIBLE embarking event.

Starting from just  €1490 euros per person

The price includes full board accommodations, full breakfast and dinner plus a packed lunch. This service is all-inclusive: all the activities on the ship are included in the special price

On-land tours will be available at reasonable prices (between 40 and 70 euros per person depending on the type of trip).

Cruise dates: 31/12 to 7/1

Here’s to a healthy and invigorating winter!

The Abenboim family and Maaglei Nofesh