Maaglei Nofesh is a family business offering tourism and resort vacations for the Orthodox Jewish traveler.

Maaglei Nofesh focuses on seasonal hotel management and day trips throughout Europe, providing highest standard vacations during winter, summer and the Passover holidays.

The innovative spirit of its service and cuisine as well as its site selection and day trips has earned the company a stellar reputation in its market among Jews around the world. Our long list of eager guests includes 80% who are returning customers.

The sites are selected after a meticulous and never-ending search including in-depth market research for a place satisfying all traveler needs in every sense. And so Maaglei Nofesh has become a model for its market competitors, who construct their own vacation packages around the sites we visited in previous years.

The warm, generous and dedicated family atmosphere, the attention to the finest details and of course the uncompromising Kashrus standards, have made Maaglei Nofesh the leader in Orthodox Jewish tourism.

We at Maaglei Nofesh are always aware of changes and modernization, and are attentive to feedback and the needs of our guests. For this reason our family business only focuses on a single project or two at a time and we are personally present at the resort, handling every detail and reinventing our wheel of innovation time and again.

Yours truly,

The Ivenbaum family

and the Maaglei Nofesh staff

The vacation you've always dreamed of
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‘Maaglei Nofesh’, a tourism company catering to the Orthodox Jewish traveler, specializes in overseas vacations and organized events, individually adapted to each customer.

Our wide range of offerings include unique Kosher Mehadrin vacations in the finest hotels in the world, and above all: a professional, warm, family staff, listening, advising and addressing every detail on the way to the vacation of your dreams.

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