The town of Bardonecchia is in the Italian Alps of the Piedmont region, bordering the French Alps of Dupine and Savoy, and close to the Swiss border. The town is surrounded by a magical green alpine landscape and is home to many and varied attractions.

A culinary celebration


Guests will enjoy gourmet cuisine
An array of food and delicacies, a team of chefs and a pastry shop
It’s a gastronomical celebration,
A wonderful Israeli breakfast, a spectacular dinner and a spread of delicious home-made delights will top off the menu, a coffee corner with tea and cake will be available throughout the day
Our guests can prepare food for the day at breakfast.

Luxury at Bardonecchia


Boutique hotel ca fiore- an outstanding alpine hotel located close to the ski lifts and the cable car of Campo Smith and 600 meters from the lively center of Bardonecchia. The beautiful 4-star hotel is equipped with every modern amenity- Renovated in honor of the Turin winter olympics, it is replete with wooden furniture, flower pots and greenery. The hotel has a lobby and a wonderful sun terrace overlooking the Alps, a charming dining room, elegant suites and rooms with balconies and a completely new spa area. The hotel is situated at the foot of a beautiful little lake, pastoral and peaceful.
Why Bardonecchia


Bardonecchia is set in the Piedmont picturesque area in the heart of the Alps, just within reach of the highway, right on the border between Italy and France. It offers fantastic walks; The town is flat, green, with rivers that cross it. Easy for people of any age to navigate without difficulty. Along the main street are lively shops and entertainers, restaurants, cafes and so on. All this is in keeping with Italian authenticity wonderful fragrances. You can relax on benches in nature, or go for extreme sports suitable for all ages.

Bardonecchia - a dream vacation

A unique atmosphere

a lake at the foot of the hotel

amazing views

fully equipped bathrooms

spa and pools

street in Bardonecchia

fully stocked bar

luxurious accommodation

- video-

- Gastronomy -

Glatt Kosher Lemehadrin under the supervision of Rabbi Pinchas Leibush Padwa shlit “a.

An international chef

meticulous desserts

appetizers and strict kashrut standards

Guests will enjoy luxurious and well-equipped rooms with full amenities


Standard rooms

spacious suites

rooms with jacuzzi and balconies


The town abounds with attractions! Mountaineering cable car, children’s park, rope park, omega, amusement park, horse farm, tennis and basketball courts
You can visit the waterfalls and nature reserve nearby, as well as enjoy rafting and canoeing along the Po River.

Traveler Services

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Pleasant, a bit cool

Travel Time:

4 hours from Israel

Local Language:


Local time:

UTC + 1


A north Italian tour of the town of Bardonecchia and its environs.

The Alps of the Piedmont region, the region we chose this year, are richly forested, with many rivers and streams

With no border between Italy and France along the Alps, the town of Bardonecchia sits in a narrow valley surrounded by mountains , creating a dramatic and lovely backdrop.

The snowy mountain tops, the trees that paint the mountains green, this is it the welcome you get from Bardonecchia on arrival.

We chose Bardonecchia also because of the walks nearby, comfortable, and easily accessible to all.

Trip A

We will descend about 20 km from Bardonecchia to Sosa, an ancient town on the trade route between Italy and France from the time of the Roman Empire, where there remains an entire quarter with an amphitheater, the Augusto Arch and buildings in beautiful and roman style. We will climb the Alps of France to a height of over 2517 meters for the passage of Monte Sanya, stop on the banks of the lake overlooking an amazing view, visit the wonderful botanical gardens and tell the story of Napoleon’s troops.

We will continue on our way to the Monte-Ginebra Pass in France, see the huge Mont-Blanc ridge, drive through french towns with castles and palaces and back to our charming little hotel !!

Trip B

We head for the town of Bryanson, France, passing through a mountainous landscape with a breathtaking view (wow)

Bryanson is an old ski town surrounded by a wall with alleyways full of shops and boutiques

(declared a preservation site by UNESCO) we will continue to the picturesque town of Serge Caviar, those with children can enjoy the amusement park, a rope park and activities for all ages. The highlight of our excursion is the summit of the La Grub glacier- we will drive along an alpine road with snow-covered peaks on either side and ascend with a cable car to the summit which rises to a height of over 3000 meters. In our opinion, one of the most beautiful experiences in the Alps.

Trip C

Immediately after breakfast we will leave for the city of Torino, the capital of the province known as the “Paris of Italy”

Worthy of the title because of its buildings and palaces in the Baroque & Gothic styles with beautiful squares, luxury stores and shopping centers, there is something special in the city that attracts people from everywhere. The cable car ascends to the castle overlooking the city, the Po River alongside it, the Egyptian Museum from the Pharaonic period, the automobile museum (an amazing attraction for the entire family), remains of the community, synagogue and of course a shopping mall.

If the synagogue in the town of Casale Monferrato is open we will visit it

Saturday – after a Shabbat meal – walking tour of the beautiful town of Bardonecchia. (In the mountains and waterways, etc.)

Trip D

Lake Maggiore – and the Princes’ Islands, we will drive to the beautiful town of Stresa on the banks of Lake Maggiore. We’ll go to the island of “Isola Bella” – the beautiful island, visit the magnificent palace of the Burmio family. We will admire the gardens and the charming alleys of the city, we will end with an hour’s drive along the lake, and if time allows we will take the roller coaster to the top of the Motorona.

Trip E

Passing through the border tunnel at the entrance to La Pergos on our way to the French Alps of Savoy, Mété, our excursion is to the stunning area of ​​the French Alps, the crowning glory of which is the beautiful Annecy called “Venice of the Alps” thanks to the canals crossing its streets. we will walk along the lakeshore, replete with luxury stalls and multicolored flowers. We will sail along the lake to George Pierre (a wonderful water mall – Schlucht), the walk is easy and short and nature is in its full splendor, we will return home at dusk.

Trip F

Last day: Immediately after breakfast, guests can board the cable car overlooking the view. From there we will visit the mountains near Sistrière on a rollercoaster ride – a long, beautiful fun ride. We will continue on our way to the shopping center, Orio del Serio, located at the foot of the airport. Guests will have a few hours to shop as they please,

It should be noted that the center is huge with great prices, from there we will be on our way back to Israel. Viva la Italy !!!

Optional trip swap


We will visit the Piedmont region, which is very similar to Tuscany, the romantic wine route, medieval towns, a tour of a local winery, an amazing Jewish past, we will visit the most beautiful synagogue in Italy, Casale Monferrato, and the Museum of Judaic Art.

* Please note that the prices of the tours include entrances, trips are not difficult, and there is not much walking, the price does not Include a daily tip for the driver and group instructor.

Personal note

Dear guests,

At the end of the season two years ago I felt unwell (turned out later that I needed open heart surgery) and decided to leave the limits of the hotel, I took the car and began to walk and found a world of ​​the beauties of Italy and France. I also found Wonderful places untouched by humanity, authenticity and nature directly from the Creator, the greater part of these places we hope to present this year.

I hope you will enjoy them like myself and my family.

This is your chance to join us for another boutique trip presented by ‘Ma’agalei Nofesh’
Our experience makes a difference – in choosing the hotel and dealing with it, in service that is indulging and in unparalleled perfectionism; The programs and content that we prepare for you to have an exciting dream vacation.

Yours, Michael.